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Hi everyone and welcome to another exciting and thought provoking issue of this bi-weekly newsletter, The CONERSTONE TRAVELER.  Also available online at  Hopefully I will not have any trouble with P.C., internet or printer.  So, this issue will be released on time.


mid-Hudson Valley news:  Has anyone seen the height of the Wallkill River?  It appears to be very high even with the limited snowfall this year.  If we have a major snowfall storm or rainfall, the Wallkill could very well top its banks and flood the flats in New Paltz.  These floods are very devastating to the homes near the flats.  We had 17nches of snow last week, but it didn’t seem to affect the flats detrimentally.

This past February was the warmest on record, but it is affecting the people who produce Maple Syrup.  The sap being tapped from the Maple trees is down 75%.  It takes 60 gallons of sap to produce one gallon of syrup.

But unfortunately the meteorologists have predicted major sleet, rain and snow last week.  We will see what happens.


other:  I have been getting calls from FAV (Foundation for American Veterans) asking for money.  After the Wounded Warrior Project fiasco, I became skeptical of these phone calls.  The last time FAV called me, I asked how much of donated money actually went to the veterans.  The caller seemed proud to say 15%.  I told him that I am a partner in hope for St, Judes Children’s Cancer Hospital and 85% of donated money actually goes to St. Judas.

How long will the American people be exposed to these scams?  There are a few people making big bucks scamming from peoples donations for supposed charities.  Can this even be legal?  I have to wonder if the state and federal Attorney General’s investigate these scams, what they would find.

Would President Trump sanction such an investigation?

Good question.


The Connecticut Women’s Basketball team won 100 games in row so far.

NBA:  the Knicks are 14 games back in the East with a record of 24-35.

The Nets are 28 ½ games back in the same division with a record of 9-49.

NHL:  The Rangers are 7 points back in the Metropolitan Division with a point total of 82 and have a record of 40-20-2.

The Islanders are 21 points back in this Division with a point total of 68 and a record of 29-22-10.

Other:  as with all other issues of this newsletter, everything printed here is either copyright protected or copyright protected.

The history of P&G’s follows this newsletter from 1900 when the building was first constructed to about the mid 1930’s

Following this history is the third part of a multi part short story I wrote called, The BOOK.  I hope you like it.


Thank-you  -  Rik McGuire














                              History of P&G’s continued to the present


From 1925 – 1945 a number of diverse businesses occupied the building.  These included Carols Clothing Store (1937), Atkins Drug Store (1938), Schaffert Real Estate Office (1943), Marie Shop (1960) and Dicks Bar and Grill among others.

In 1947 Dicks Bar and Grill was purchased by two Lake Mohonk employees, Pat Cafferty and George Jayne.  Legend has it that neither told their wives of their intention to purchase the business.  They immediately changed the Grills name to Pat and Georges.  Among it loyal customers it was simply P&G’s.

One of the best things to happen to P&G’s occurred in 1961.  An ex Dodger player named Stormer Nickerson became a bartender.  Stormy as he was affectionately known became something of a legend.  His heart, quiet good humor and generous spirit made P&G’s the one place that welcomed all from the harsher outside world into a refuge for college students, business people, local characters and even for a while, in the 1960’s, bikers.  According to one source.  “They weren’t as rowdy a crew as you might expect because although he was quiet, Stormy commanded and got respect.”  His professional baseball background made him a natural to pitch batting practice for the New Paltz College teams and he did so for a number of seasons.  One college fraternity considered P&G’s their private domain.  The scene of everything important, news, views, camaraderie and especially humor was always evident at P&G’s.

After the St. Helens volcano erupted and news reports discussed the possibility of ash fall out across the U.S., Stormy came to work to find the staff dressed in garbage bags and metal kitchen colanders on their heads.  Since no ash was reported on anyone Stormy reasoned the attire had been affective by making everyone laugh their ash off.


In June 1991, after 30 years, Stormy retired from P&G’s.  He died in June of 1994.  From his casual humor that lingers, to his Chile recipe that is still served and the kind memories often repeated by his many friends, Stormy is still here.

In 1969 Edwin Beck bought P&G’s.  His first weekend as owner was completely successful.  The following weekend, however, the place was deserted.  A disheartened Beck couldn’t understand what he had done to alienate everyone so quickly.  He was relieved to learn it was simply a matter of poor timing.  Everyone was away and wallowing in a farm in Bethel NY.  A music festival or something.

Ed Beck never spent time worrying.  He looked across Main Street and up Platekill Avenue, seeing thousands of thirsty college students who, for the most part remained on campus.

Taking a good supply of liquid refreshment, Beck went to the campus and gave the students (all legal in those days) a new place to call home.  He transformed P&G’s from a neighborhood bar into a local institution.

The face of Beck’s personality had much to do with the continued success of P&G’s, the place was fun.  One oft quoted story about Beck concerns a young P&G’s enthusiast who wanted to be just like Beck when he grew up.  It is reported that Beck in all humility replied.  “Well you can’t do both.”

The name Pat and Georges was officially changed to P&G’s in the 1980’s by Ed Beck and his son Mike.  In 1985, Mike bought out his father’s interest.  In 1994, he undertook extensive renovations, making the building exterior appear as it did in 1900, when it was the Casino.





                             The BOOK    the future maybe?


Cliff and Jessie were married in the Old North Church in Boston a few days after Easter.  Cliff was only able to get a week off from teaching at the University after Spring Break.  During this time he and Jessie went on their honeymoon to the Catskills.  It was beautiful spring weather in the Shawnagunk mountain range below the Catskills.

Being the trained archeologist he was, he spent any available time walking the many miles of trails looking for archeological findings.  He found little, but for a few ancient arrow heads because the trails were stripped clean of archeological remnants by thousands of tourists who walked and combed the trails before him.  Plus the local State University of New York schools of archeology departments most likely spent countless hours searching the trails as he did.

Not finding the archeological remains was not a concern for Cliff because he was happy to be married to Jessie.

After their honeymoon, they spent a few weeks looking for a home to buy near Boston.  They found an old Victorian in Salem Mass. that they could barely afford.  But they got a good deal because Jessie was an accomplished real estate agent for a major agency in Boston.  With their combined incomes they were able to afford the house with taxes, utilities etc.  But after the first of each month they were hard pressed to pay for anything else.

Jessie knew of Cliff’s find of The BOOK in the Pyrenees and knew he had to go back one more time to complete his research.

Cliff still had enough in available grant money to afford a trip to Madrid, but as before  it was a twelve hour flight from Boston t LaGuardia and finally to Madrid.  There was even enough left in his grant to take Jessie with him and he wanted to take her with him.  Jessie was more than willing to tag along because she was that curious of what he had discovered in the Pyrenees.

After the long grueling flight and rough transportation to the Village at the base of the Pyrenees, they were greeted enthusiastically by the villagers who remembered Cliff and were ecastic seeing his new bride.  And again they were given a feast, followed by a private bath where they could wash each other lovingly.  After two days of rest, they took the horse drawn carriage to the mountain peak.  It was a harrowing ride for Jessie because like Cliff a year earlier, she was frightened when the wagon wheels came precariously close to a cliff edge.

After they finally got to the castle that encompassed the church, they were met by Marcellus who wasn’t surprised when Jessie climbed out of the carriage with Cliff.

“You act like you were expecting her.”  Cliff said to Marcellus.

Marcellus could only smile and nod.

“You were?  Weren’t you?  Cliff asked and almost demanded.

And again Marcellus smiled.  “It was written in The BOOK that I would meet your new bride.  And where else would I meet her, but in the place I haven’t left for over five hundred years?”

After a brief tour of the castle and the grounds surrounding the castle, Cliff took Jessie back inside where they were met by Marcellus.

“Your room is the same as before.  The only change is that I had the twin bed replaced with a double to better accommodate you and your bride.”  He smiled.

“I appreciate it greatly.”  Cliff smiled with Jessie as he held her hand.

Marcellus pointed to the stairs.  “Prepare yourselves for a feast in two hours.”

They both grabbed their bags and trudged up the staircase to the room where they would spend the next two months.  When Cliff opened the door for Jessie, she looked in and gasped.  “The room is beautiful.”  She exclaimed.  “The fire in the fireplace leaves this room very toasty.”

Cliff noted the double bed and the two easy chairs with a desk between them.  “Marcellus outdid himself this time.”

“It wasn’t like this before?”  Jessie asked.

Cliff shook his head.  “No.  Just a bed, desk and one easy chair.  He definitely knew you would be accompanying me this time.”

Jessie could only smile then ask.  “He said ‘where else would we meet, but here in the castle he hasn’t left for over five hundred years’.  Is he that old?  And how?”

Cliff only smiled.  “It is the magic f the castle.”

“What happens now?”  Jessie asked.

“I have to read The BOOK.  I will start reading it in the morning.  After we have had a good night’s rest.  But first we will have a feast of a dinner.”

After a short time, Marcellus knocked and said.  “Dinner is ready to be served.”

They sat down to a feast of lamb and beef with many vegetables.  After dinner Cliff and Jessie climbed the stair to their room where they spent a long time enjoying each other’s bodies.

Early the next morning, Cliff rose quietly so as not to wake Jessie and padded down the stairs to the dining room where he was met by Marcellus with a steaming cup of espresso.

After he finished his espresso, Cliff went directly to the library to finish reading of The BOOK or so he thought.  He went directly to the dais that still held the Ancient leather bound Book and sat on the stool in front of it and turned the cover to reveal what that The BOOK had to say about the future.

On the first age were the words that stunned Cliff.



To say that Cliff was shocked by what he had read would seriously undermine his reaction.  He was opened mouth as he turned the page to the writings of the future.

Mr. Jacobs.  The future is not that difficult to read if you understand the past and the present properly.  As you probably are already aware the future is totally dependent on the past and present.  Just as the present is totally dependent on the past.  The same is true for the future if you do not truly understand the present and the past.  The past, present and future are all intrically intertwined.  In other words you can’t know the future if you don’t know the past and the present.  But all too often you will confuse the past as you wish it to be and not what actually occurred.  This is especially prevalent with religious fanatics who refuse to believe that what they know is refuted by observation and direct evidence. This is counter to the will of God.

“What do you want from me?”  Cliff thought and was surprised to see an answer almost immediately scrawl itself on the page.

We only want to teach the people of earth they are a disappointment of God.  They have fallen to the worship of greed and this is wrong

“I don’t know if anyone would listen to my thoughts so much believe that I have received instruction from this ancient book that no one know who wrote.  Even my colleagues would be hesitant to believe what I had learned.”  Cliff almost said aloud.

What you will learn as you read further that the future is not set in stone and there can be unknown consequences if people of the earth do not learn the proper way of knowing.

“Did the ancient Nephilim write this BOOK?”  Cliff asked out loud and he thought he heard a chuckle.

The Nephilim existed as you thought as a First Civilization before man.  We intermarried with man and tried to teach mankind our knowledge.  But unfortunately too many religious leaders believed God created man in the image of God.  God did not create man.  God only created the process where man could evolve to where man is today.

“So you did write the BOOK.”  Cliff said.

Again he heard a chuckle.  No.  We didn’t write it as ourselves.  But we will continue to write as the world changes.

“I’m not sure I understand.”  Cliff almost complained.  “Do you still exist?”

Only as a Collective Consciousness.  The BOOK explained.

“A Collective Consciousness?”  Cliff asked.

Precisely.  The BOOK explained with further writing in The BOOK.  The conscious mind is a powerful organ whether human or Nephilim.  And it can transcend death. Merge with an ultimate being.  

“God?”  Cliff asked almost automatically.

Of course not.  But an ultimate being that bodes to God’s will and I can assure you that God is not happy so many people worship greed.  Even those supposedly God knowing people or evangelists.

“I have been arguing about this for I don’t know how many years.”  Cliff said and continued.  “In fact I seriously believe that many if not all evangelists would reject Jesus if Jesus were to appear before us today because Jesus taught his followers not to follow the path of greed.  And in fact Jesus is considered an early Marxist or Socialist.  But my thoughts on this subject are vigorously lambasted by these same evangelists.

Cliff heard a chuckle yet again.  We know.  That is why you were chosen to find this BOOK.  We thought you to be the ideal candidate to explain our thoughts to the ignorant masses.

 “Why would anyone believe what I have to say about the existence of this BOOK and what you reveal?”  Cliff asked sheepishly.

They won’t of you don’t at least try.

Cliff rubbed his eyes and looked at his watch.  He had been conversing with The BOOK for over two hours ad was dead tired because he had woken early to read The BOOK.  At least his eyes were because the words before him were starting to blur and he had to stare that much harder to read whatever was written in The BOOK.  “I think I need to rest my eyes.”  He said to the BOOK.

Yes.  The BOOK agreed.  Go to your bride and love each other and rest.  She needs you beside her.  Come back later in the morning where you will learn more from the Nephilim or the First Civilization.

Cliff closed the BOOK reluctantly and left the room to climb the stairs to Jessie.  He gently stripped off his clothes and cuddled against Jessie with his arms over her body.  She murmured softly like she appreciated his embrace.

A few hours later they woke to the sound of Marcellus knocking on their door.  “Breakfast is ready.”  He said.

They both quickly washed and prepared themselves for the day.  They were met by Marcellus with two steaming mugs n his hands.  An espresso for Cliff and a cup of Earl Grey tea for Jessie.

“How did you know I like Earl Grey tea?”  She asked Marcellus.

He could only wink and smile.  “I have my sources.”

She looked questionably at Cliff and he smiled.  “It’s The BOOK.  Trust us.”

“You always talk about this mysterious book you discovered, but never say much more than it actually exists.  Why?”  She asked.

Cliff took her hands and pressed them to his lips.  “You will learn all there is about this BOOK when I have completed reading to reveal what The BOOK taught.”

“You sound like you discovered a new interpretation of the Bible.”  Jessie said.

Cliff laughed.  “You don’t know.  And you will be surprised when I reveal what The BOOK taught me of the world.  Trust me.  It is that significant.”

“I can hardly wait.”  Jessie almost pouted.

Thus it went for several weeks where Cliff would wake by four or five in the morning and read what The BOOK had to teach.  After three or four hours of reading he would retreat back to the bed he shared with Jessie.  Then after they both rose from sleep, they would walk down the stairs to the dining room for breakfast.  In fact Cliff had become accustomed to even having more than toast for breakfast.  The reading of The BOOK took that much out of him and he had to refresh his biological engine with something more than espresso and toast.

Marcellus had the peasants of the village at the base of the Pyrenees bring him every newspaper, periodical or book they could find by or about Cliff Jacobs.

So was the routine for several weeks.  Cliff would read what The BOOK had to reveal then go back to his room and compile his many pages of notes.  Cliff and The BOOK conversed on a daily basis of what to expect of the future.  Much of what Cliff learned was not surprising to him because he knew the world at large was commanded by greed and nothing more.  The BOOK assured him this would change.

“When?”  Cliff had to ask.

It could be the winter solstice of 2012.  But most likely not, as it will be a multiyear learning process of God’s will.  The BOOK explained.

“That is the date everyone from the Mayans to Nostradamus could not see beyond.”

There is a reason for that.  The unseen voice wrote in The BOOK.

“And that is?”  Cliff asked.

It will be the dawn of a new age realized by your God.  The voice wrote in The BOOK.

“It won’t be the apolyptic end to the world as many have speculated?”  Cliff asked.

No.  An apolyptic change in the values of the human race as dictated by God.

“I thought as much for many years.  I just couldn’t believe that God would end life on earth and start over.  There had to be a better way.”  Cliff explained to the unseen voice.

You are right of course.  The BOOK wrote on the blank page.  You looked into yourself to understand the world around you.

“I tried.”  Cliff professed.

Jessie knew better than to try and peek at what his notes revealed about The BOOK.  She respected Cliff that much.


A few years after they returned to Boston, Cliff and Jessie became the proud parents of two children.  First a daughter, Samantha, who would later follow in her father’s footsteps and become an accomplished archeologist/ anthropologist.  She would marry and bear Cliff ad Jessie two grandchildren.

Their son, Jake, born two years after Samantha, would turn to the sea and become an undersea biologist and engineer and he also would marry and give his parents two more grandchildren   

Much to his surprise, Cliff became the chairman of the Archeology Department and in part of what he had discovered from The BOOK.  He and Jessie would retire to a small cottage on the Cape where they would live until the end of their days.


Marcellus had the peasants of the village at the base of the Pyrenees bring him every newspaper, periodical or book they could find written by or about Cliff Jacobs.

He was extremely happy with Cliff’s success when he published his findings of The BOOK.

There were many who criticized Cliff and his findings of The BOOK and what was taught, but over time they became a very small minority.

After the winter solstice 2012, the change that Cliff wrote about came to be slowly over the course of many years.  As taught by The BOOK.  It was definitely the dawn of a new age.

Marcellus died a year after the winter solstice 2012.  The peasants of the village found his body in the garden he cared for tenderly each year.

Naturally Cliff and Jessie flew immediately to Portugal to attend his funeral.  After the funeral, Cliff had to look at The BOOK just one more time.  And what was written on the first page after he opened the cover were the words.

Welcome back Mr. Jacobs.  Marcellus is with us in our collective consciousness and he wants you to know that he is extremely proud of what you accomplished in revealing The BOOOK and us

“Should I tell people where to find this BOOK?”  Cliff asked

Not yet.  The unseen voice wrote on the page of The BOOK.


Only when the people of earth are ready.

“But The BOOK is protected from all uncaring eyes.”

Of course.

“When will you reveal The BOOK to all?”  Cliff asked the unseen mind of The BOOK.

When we think mankind is ready to accept God and for what God is.  And that is the Collective Consciousness of most peoples who have died.  From when people started to show signs of consciousness and were able to transcend death to be with Nephilim or the First Civilization.

“I should be joining the First Civilization shortly, considering my age.  If you will have me.  Of course.”  Cliff said with hope or eagerness.

You will have no problem being accepted to the Collective Consciousness as will your wife of many years and your children and even your grandchildren.


9:27 p.m.



Did this book exist or does it exist now?  That is the question my readers will have to decide or learn in the future.


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