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CT – 203       FEB.  19   ‘13


Hi everyone and welcome to the 203rd issue of this bi-weekly newsletter, The CORNERSTONE TRAVELER.  Also available on the net at

mid-Hudson Valley

news:   Many people have asked me how I                                                         came to the name this newsletter the CORNERSTONE                                                                     TRAVELER.  My response has been to point to the sign over                                                           P&G’s that proclaims P&G’s to be a Cornerstone of New Paltz.                                                       And it is because the building has been at the corner of Main                                                            Street and North Front Street since 1900.  And considering the                                                         hard copy of this newsletter is available for free at P&G’s, it is                                                         only natural I call this newsletter The CORNERSTONE                                                                    TRAVELER.

This past Monday was the presidents holiday for George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  It seems that Washington slept almost everywhere before his presidency.  This includes a home in Newburg NY.  At this home in Newburg there were found many items dating back to when Washington actually slept there.

I know that Washington never slept in my home, considering it was built in 1957, the year my parents bought it.  The only people who ever slept on that piece of land were either the Esopus or Lenape native peoples who inhabited the land at the time of Washington.

I have written time and time again there is much history in the mid-Hudson Valley.  In fact not more than fifteen miles from New Paltz is the final encampment of the colonial forces against English rule in New Windsor NY.  I urge people to check this out.  It is on Rte 300 in New Windsor and about a mile from the Purple Heart Hall of Honor.  That is another place people should check out as it covers the war heroes of Americas past and present.

The country radio station WRWD will be holding a radiothon at the Poughkeepsie Galleria, Feb. 22 & 23.  This event is to raise money for St; Judes Childrens Cancer Hospital.  I personally donate money every month for this worthy cause and have been doing so for over te3n years.  I urge my readers to check out and donate to this worthy cause. 85% of all money collected goes to St Judes, unlike other money raising radiothons or telethons.

my political commentary:

This won’t be a political commentary as it will be observations of last week.  There was that asteroid that passed within 17,000 miles of Earth.  Considering the earth orbits the sun at a speed of about 66,000 mph, this means the earth was 22.8 minutes from impact with this asteroid.  Then this past Friday a meteor streaked across the skies of Russia.  The air shock fractured widows in Moscow.  This shock wave caused 1200 injuries from broken and flying glass.  The meteor exploded 35+ miles east of Moscow causing massive destruction.

It just so happens that the History channel was broadcasting their shows, The Universe.  And many of these shows concentrated of meteors, asteroids and comets that impacted earth.  From about 65 million years ago, a meteor impacted the earth that essentially killed the dinosaurs of that era.  Going to Meteor crater in Arizona to the meteor in Sudbury Canada, to the meteor that impacted South Africa to the Tunksga explosion over Siberia that scorched fifteen square miles of the forest in Siberia.

Scientists are worried that a comet could impact earth with maybe six months warning.


The Knicks are still 2 games over the Nets in the Atlantic division of the NBA with a record of 82 – 18 .  The Rangers are still 5 points back in the Atlantic Division of the NHL.

Spring training has started for the two local baseball teams.  A-Rod looks to be out for the season with hip injury.  The Mets are unsure of their post season chances because of drastic changes in their line up.


As with all previous issues of this newsletter, everything written here is either copyright protected or copyright pending.

Following this newsletter is the history of P&G’s from about the min 1930’s to almost the present.

Following this history is the second half of that short story that first appeared in the previous issue of this newsletter called The FIRST CIVILIZATION.  I hope you like it.

Thank-you  – Rik McGuire

History of P&G’s continued to the present

From 1925 – 1945 a number of diverse businesses occupied the building.  These included Carols Clothing Store, Atkins Drug Store,  Schaffert Real Estate Office, Marie Shop and Dicks Bar and Grill among others.

In 1947 Dicks Bar and Grill was purchased by two Lake Mohonk employees, Pat Cafferty and George Jayne.  Legend has it that neither told their wives of their intention to purchase the business.  They immediately changed the Grills name to Pat and Georges.  Among it’s loyal customers it was simply P&G’s.

One of the best things to happen to P&G’s occurred in 1961.  An ex Dodger player named Stormer Nickerson became a bartender.  Stormy as he was affectionately known became something of a legend.  His heart, quiet good humor and generous spirit made P&G’s the one place that welcomed all from the harsher outside world into a refuge for college students, business people, local characters and even for a while, in the 1960’s, bikers.  According to one source.  “They weren’t as rowdy a crew as you might expect because although he was quiet, Stormy commanded and got respect.”  His professional baseball background made him a natural to pitch batting practice for the New Paltz College teams and he did so for a number of seasons.  One college fraternity considered P&G’s their private domain.  The scene of everything important, news, views, camaraderie and especially humor was always evident at P&G’s.

After the St. Helens volcano erupted and news reports discussed the possibility of ash fall out across the U.S., Stormy came to work to find the staff dressed in garbage bags and metal kitchen colanders on their heads.  Since no ash was reported on anyone, Stormy reasoned the

attire had been affective by making everyone laugh their ash off.

In June 1991, after 30 years, Stormy retired from P&G’s.  He died in June of 1994.  From his casual humor that lingers, to his Chile recipe that is still served and the kind memories often repeated by his many friends, Stormy is still here.

In 1969 Edwin Beck bought P&G’s.  His first weekend as owner was completely successful.  The following weekend, however, the place was deserted.  A disheartened Beck couldn’t understand what he had done to alienate everyone so quickly.  He was relieved to learn it was simply a matter of poor timing.  Everyone was away and wallowing in a farm in Bethel NY.  A music festival or something.

Ed Beck never spent time worrying.  He looked across Main Street and up Platekill Avenue, seeing thousands of thirsty college students who, for the most part remained on campus.  Taking a good supply of liquid refreshment, Beck went to the campus and gave the students (all legal in those days) a new place to call home.  He transformed P&G’s from a neighborhood bar into a local institution.

The face of Beck’s personality had much to do with the continued success of P&G’s, the place was fun.  One oft quoted story about Beck concerns a young P&G’s enthusiast who wanted to be just like Beck when he grew up.  It is reported that Beck in all humility replied.  “Well you can’t do both.”

The name Pat and Georges was officially changed to P&G’s in the 1980’s by Ed Beck and his son Mike.  In 1985, Mike bought out his fathers interest.  In 1994, he undertook extensive renovations, making the building exterior appear as it did in 1900, when it was the Casino.

University of Colorado in Denver

Drew was able to get the use of a humidor in the archeology department when he

explained he found the ancient parchment in a tree trunk and thought it might be the writings of

early explorers of the west..  He also stressed that he wanted to study it before anyone else after he explained his graduate studies at Harvard.

The chairman of the archeology department reluctantly agreed to Drew’s request.

I was a long three days and three nights for Drew as he waited to see the parchment in all it’s glory.

Finally on the third day. Drew opened the humidor front door and checked the parchment for any brittleness.  He was satisfied that the parchment could be unrolled without too much damage and he placed it on a long plastic tube he had purchased for the parchment.  He immediately took a bus back to the B&B to call Cal to meet him so they could examine it together at Jarin’s.

Cal picked him up and drove to Jarin’s home.  It was apparent to Drew that the others of the Nephilim clan knew he was ready to reveal the parchment because he saw many autos in front of Jarin’s home.

He and Cal left the Jeep Wrangler and walked with purpose to the front door.  Cal opened the door, knowing they were expected.  Drew followed Cal with the parchment in the plastic tube cradled in his arms.

Jarin was seated at a table at the rear of the room and motioned with his finger for Drew


to come to the table with the protected parchment.  Drew unscrewed the tube end so that Jarin could pull the parchment out and waited breathlessly as Jarin unrolled it and read what was


“Could you decipher this?”  Jarin asked Drew, pointing to what was written on the

unrolled parchment.

To Drew he only saw unintelligible scrawl on the parchment.  “That is totally unknown to me or any other scholar.  And I am certain no one could ever translate that and read it.”

“Precisely.”  Jarin said.  “It was never intended to be read by anyone else, but the Nephilim and we intend to keep it that way.”

“Why?”  Drew asked.

“Because we don’t want anyone to know of us until we are ready to reveal ourselves.  And we will only reveal ourselves when God wills it.”  Jarin explained.

“Can you tell me what is written there?”  Drew asked and almost pleaded.

“It is the writings and observations of our people when they first arrived here in what you call the Rocky Mountains.”  Jarin explained.

“That’s it?  Nothing more?”  Drew asked.

Jarin could only nod.  “There is more, but I think it would be wisest if you learn our ancient language.  Then you can read and interpret what was written on this parchment about five thousand years ago.”

“I’m willing.  But could you give me about six months so I can finish my PhD work at Harvard?”  Drew asked.


“But of course.  We want you to know of us and then you might agree to chronicle our beings.”  Jarin said.  “We can support you financially if you agree to be the chronicler of our


“I will and agree to chronicle and write about you.  But I am uncertain who would

believe  what I write.”  Drew explained.

Jarin stood before the unrolled parchment.  “That is understood.  We will allow you to continue your studies.  And when you are finished, we expect to see you here in our ommunity.”

“And I can survive here?  How?”  Drew asked Jarin.

Jarin smiled.  “In our thousands and thousands of years of existence, we have learned  how to live comfortably without greed.  And because we can do this, you will learn how you can support yourself.  We owned a lot of land here in Colorado before the Europeans arrived and we sold this land to the newcomers.  Then we invested wisely with this money.  Thus we can live comfortably.

One year later.

It took Drew longer than six months to finish his graduate studies at Harvard because he had to totally rethink his PhD dissertation, his thesis on the First Civilization before modern man   But he only chronicled this civilization up to Charlagmane.  He included what was written in the Old Testament of the Bible.  But he knew he had to keep his promise to Jarin and


the others in the community in the Rockies.  And he kept his promise to them though it was extremely difficult and almost draining.

His thesis was accepted by the doctoral review committee, but only very reluctantly.

After he got his PhD, he was able to get another Federal study grant to study the early

peoples in the mid-west and the Rocky Mountain ranges.

After Harvard Graduate School he married another archeology graduate student,

Jennifer.  They fell heavily in love when they discovered they both shared the same interest in early mankind.  Drew was reluctant to tell her of his discovery of the Nephilim people because of his promise to these same people.

It was only after he and Jennifer moved to the Rockies to a small hillside cabin where he would write his research for the Federal grant that he thought he could bring her to Jarin’s and meet these ancient peoples.

He explained to her that a friend of his would pick them up to meet some people who would interest her scientifically.  He didn’t elaborate and this intrigued her.

Jennifer was taken aback when he first introduced her to Cal.  He towered over her five foot frame.

“Is she prepared to meet our people?”  Cal asked.

“I trust her.  And if I do then you must.”  Drew answered.

“It is Jarin’s decision.”  Cal said.

Jarin’s home – decision


After they left their cabin with Cal, Drew explained to Jennifer about the Nephilim she

was about to meet.  She was, to say the least, flabbergasted at this knowledge and she had too

many questions to ask when Cal suggested it would be better if she met the others in the

Nephilim clan who would answer all her questions.

Jennifer was almost giddy when they entered the front door to Jarin’s home.  She was

stunned when everyone in the front room rose to greet her and Drew.  She was surprised by their exceedingly tall size.

Cal directed Drew and Jennifer to a couch that seemed to be there purposefully to accommodate their size.

I wasn’t long before Jarin entered and sat behind the table he used to direct the meetings of the Nephilim.  He smiled at both Jennifer and Drew before he spoke.

“Young lady.”  He said staring at Jennifer.  “Do you know who we are?”

Jennifer could only stammer as she stood.  “Yes.  My husband, Drew, explained everything to me.  At least everything he knew and he told me that I can never reveal what I know of you and your people.”

“Very good.  And you accept this restriction?”   Jarin asked.

“Of course.  I accept anything my husband, my love for life, tells me.  In fact I am willing to aid him when he writes the chronicles of your people.”

“You accept this position readily?”

“Of course.  I am an archaeologist like he is.  And I am very interested in the Nephilim people and history.”


Jarin sat back in his chair with eyes closed and his fingers supporting his chin.  Though

it was only a few minutes, to Drew and Jennifer it seemed like hours.  They anticipated Jarin’s

final decision that much.

Finally Jarin opened his eyes and let his hands lay on the table before him.  “I have made my decision.”  He explained.

Drew and Jennifer held their breath as they held hands waiting for his decision.

Jarin smiled.  “You, Jennifer Pearson will be accepted to be part or our community with your husband.  If you are willing?”

Jennifer almost jumped up to scream with delight.  “Of course I’m willing!”

“Good.”  Jarin said.  “You will adhere to our restriction of not telling anyone of our existence until we deem it necessary.”

“Of course.”  Jennifer agreed.

“Then you will help your husband write and chronicle our history and beings.”  Jarin taught.

The meeting with the Nephilim lasted another twenty minutes before Jennifer and Drew were allowed to leave with Cal to their cabin.

When Cal left them off at their cabin, Drew immediately filled the pot-belly stove in their living room with dry hard wood and kindling.  He lit a rolled up paper that he used to lite the wood.  Within a half hour the pot-belly stove was producing enough heat to warm their small two bedroom cabin.  One bedroom they used as their study to write of the Nephilim and where they both would key what they had learned on their lap tops.  They would compare what


each had written and merge their written work together.

September 2013

Drew and Jennifer had lived in their small two bedroom cabin for two years.  And in that time, Drew learned the language of the ancient Nephilim and could read and write the heretofore unintelligible scrawl.   While he learned this language, Jennifer was kept busy learning from these ancient peoples and writing their history, myth and lore.  They were kept so busy learning of these ancient peoples, they barely had time for each other.  But they didn’t complain, they were that intent on learning and writing of these peoples.  It wasn’t unusual for Jennifer to wake early in the morning to find Drew studying the ancient language of the Nephilim.

They were finally able to have their written work  published in the a tiny archeological journal about the upcoming winter solstice that everyone feared.  But most of the newspapers, magazines wouldn’t touch what they had to teach about God and God’s disappointment with mankinds greed.

After their tenth rejection letter, Drew said.  “Maybe we should eliminate Lucifer from our writings.  And how Lucifer seeks to control mankind with greed.”

Jennifer shook her head.  “But Lucifer, the evil demon, exists and we both know that this demon wants to control mankind with greed.”

“But no one wants to believe that.”  Drew stressed.  “How do we convince our fellow


man that they are being controlled and are minions of Lucifer?”

Jennifer could just say.  “We wait for God’s judgement on the winter solstice.”

Spring of 2014

Drew and Jennifer were reading a newspaper in a local coffee shop one morning and watching the early morning news on the television that sat over the rear counter of the shop when the news of a sudden earthquake in Southern Spain caught their attention.

“It has been reported.”  The news anchor said on the television.  “That an almost crystal like city rose up from the epicenter of Spains earthquake.  Archeologists, historians and other like minded scientists are trying to explain this occurrence in Spain.”

Drew smiled at Jennifer.  “I believe it is happening. A precursor to that special cosmic celestial event.”

Jennifer smiled.  “Yes.  I think you’re right and they, the Nephilim, were right.”  She whispered as silently as she could so as no one could hear her.

Drew took his last sip from his coffee mug.  “We should meet with Jarin and the rest of the Nephilim to learn what should be done.”


At Jarin’s home they saw all of the Nephilim in glee and happiness with knowing their ancient homeland had been revealed to the population of the earth.

Their only concern was how to reveal themselves to the peoples of the earth.  It was an


either/or situation.  Either they were accepted as emissaries of God, or they weren’t.

When Drew and Jennifer arrived at Jarin’s home they were met by the happiness of the seated Nephilim and almost giddiness.  The Nephilim clan there and throughout the world knew they no longer had to hide themselves.  All of the Nephilim knew they could return to their homeland, country and live as they all believed and fantasied about living.

Drew and Jennifer deliberately walked over to Jarin, Cal and Lorileagh talking quietly to each other, as if they were planning something.

Drew was the first to speak.  “Are you happy that your homeland is now available for your living quarters?”

Jarin looked up and pointed to everyone in the room.  “Can’t you see we are?”

“So.  You will be leaving here to go to your homeland shortly, I guess.”  Drew said as he held Jennifers hand.

“Yes.”  Jarin nodded.  “And it won’t be long before we leave.  We only have to settle our property with the locals and then we’re gone.  And for good.”

Jennifer shook as she asked.  “What do you need of us?”

Jarin smiled.  “You will be needed to write of our people and history.  Are you willing?”

“Of course.”  Drew and Jennifer replied in unison.  “But you will explain what you want written?”  Drew asked.  “Now that you and your people have been revealed.”

“Yes.  We will guide you because the winter solstice is, but a few months away.  And that is the day of God’s judgement on the human population.  You will be needed to show to the world population that God is very angry with the greed in the world.  Can you accept God’s



“Drew could only smile.  “We can.  But can the rest of the world?  That is the


“They can and must.”  Jarin almost commanded.

“The next few weeks should be interesting.”  Drew said.  “Especially with the wealthy.”


When the remaining Nephilim were able to get to their homeland of Atlantis (or what was always called Atlantis) They were met by television and radio people wanting to know more of the legendary city from long ago, three thousand years, before Plato.

The returning Nephilim reluctantly talked, but did not allow anyone, but themselves inside the crystal, jeweled city.  Even aircraft with cameras got only jumbled and scrambled images of the inner city.

Finally one day, an aged man who to Drew looked to be at least fifty years older than Jarin came out through the jeweled encrusted front gate of the Nephilim city to a crowd of microphones and TV cameras.  He held up his hand to explain he had something to say.

When all the radio and television reporters quieted down, he explained.

“In two days time, it will be God’s judgement of mankind.  And I can assure you that God is very grieved and angry at mankinds greed and God will judge you all.”

“How will God judge us?”  A reporter asked.

The old man shook his head.  “I don’t know.  That is between you and God.”

“But God will judge each and everyone of us?”  Another voice asked.


“Yes.”  Was all the old man said.

“How will God judge us?”  Came another question.

The old man shook his head.  “I don’t know.  That is between you and God.”

December 25, 2014 ( the supposed birth of Jesus.)

Suddenly all the money in the world became worthless when everyone learned they cannot buy their way into heaven or the kingdom of God.  The most wealthy in the world suddenly found themselves looking up to the skilled craftsman and laborers in the world.  The welathy learned  that their skills at hoarding money was absolutely worthless after God’s judgement of all of mankind.  They learned painfully, that greed is totally against the dictates of their God.  And it was a very painful lesson to learn.  But they couldn’t appeal to a higher power, so what else could they do?





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